I am interested in the mythology surrounding the idea of home and the feeling of displacement. These ideas have become the underpinning of much exploration concerning ones relationship to place. ‘Home’ can be perceived as a spatial metaphor regarding ties to a variety of places, as well as a way of being within this world. Literal interpretations connect this term to the discernable residence and attribute positive feelings towards it. We subjectively organise places and attach meaning to space within our lives. What begins as undifferentiated ‘space,’ evolves into ‘place’ as we come to understand and endow our experiences with value.

The quest we undergo to re-establish the meaning of home ultimately becomes an individual struggle to identify a secure and satisfying place in this world. Within my current body of work I have explored the inclination towards nostalgia for the places of our youth; the displacement we often encounter and also the longing we feel for the future.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2015 - Disaster Is My Muse: Summer Juried Exhibition, Venice Arts, 1702 Lincoln Boulevard, Venice, CA

2013 - Long Way Home, Number 5 Studio, Lyall Bay, Wellington

2010 - SELECT 2010: Student Art Selection and Exhibition, Christchurch

Featured Work

The Archive Collective

The Ones We Love

Feature Shoot, Abandoned Spaces


University of Canterbury, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography & Art History

Christchurch Polytechnic, Diploma in Professional Photography

Massey University, Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Arts